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The Corner Fridge Company work alongside a number of manufacturers that have been producing refrigeration units for many years, and the result is a high-quality units with a low noise level and power consumption offering easy installation.

There are three models available, the TL6 for cooling rooms up to 8 m3, the TL10 for cooling rooms up to 12 m3 and the TL16 for cooling rooms up to 17 m3.

TL6 and TL10, which are used mainly in private households, are two well-developed machines. The cooling units are securely attached to the wall inside the cooling room.

If you are building your own cold room or wine cellar you will need to purchase either a plastic cover package  or ventilation grill package which are fitted to  to the warm side of the unit. Both models have a dust filter for rapid and simple maintenance, as well as low energy consumption and a low noise level. The units remove condensation water automatically without the need for drainage.

The above models are also available as a split unit with a choice of either wall or ceiling mounted evaporator.

The TL16 has been produced for more challenging environments and does require drainage.

Wine versions also available

The Wine TL6, Wine TL10 and Wine TL16 are also available for Wine Storage and are the same dimensions.  The temperature range for these units is from 8 - 15°C.

Model Details:

TL6  - Cooling rooms up to 8m3
  - Cooling rooms up to 12m3
TL16  - Cooling rooms up to 17m3 with a drain

Dimensions & Technical Specifications:

• 480w x 230d x 790h
• Aperture in wall: 440w x 740h
• Thermostat setting: 3-12°C

Further Information

  Installation Instructions

Filters should be cleaned regularly and replaced every 5 years.